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At Verengo Solar, more and more customers are ecstatic about their decision to make the switch to solar power, and already, hundreds have shared insightful, unique stories and information about their experience in switching to solar power.

From start to finish, Verengo customers have been awed by the service provided to them, and how quickly and professionally Verengo staff was able to take their home from traditional coal drab, to solar power fab.

Solar power as an alternative energy source is often unrecognized despite saving thousands of dollars in the first few months alone for customers who welcome it into their home. Read the rest of this entry »

People have been investing in precious metals for hundreds of years and in fact, it is these metals that formed the basis for the currency used today. When most people think of precious metals, they consider gold and silver, but those are not the only choices. In reality, platinum and palladium are two great options that are growing in popularity. Each has their own advantage so sometimes it can be difficult for a new investor to decide whether they want to invest in platinum or palladium. Here are some things to consider about investing in platinum that can help a person make the decision.

Limited Quantities
When looking at either platinum or palladium, it becomes obvious that there are limited quantities of the metal available and this is what allows it to be classified as precious. While palladium is scarce, platinum is the rarest of the precious metals. Each year there is only around 5 million troy ounces of the metal produced by mines. In comparison, the production of gold (which is considered rare) amounts to around 82 million ounces a year. Silver which is still a precious metal sees a production of around 547 million ounces. The incredible rarity of platinum makes it, without a doubt, a great investment.
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With so much turmoil in the global economy, it can be tough finding anything to be optimistic about. This makes knowing where to put your money a stressful endeavor, to say the least. Even your savings account is no longer the safe bet it once was. Inflation will slowly drain it overtime or it could even be raided like so many citizens in Cyprus experienced. The events that immediately followed the initial housing market collapse have backed many people off stocks, as a number that were considered beyond reproach fell hard. Fortunately, one of the oldest investments the world knows is still a viable option. If you don’t already have money in precious metals, now’s the time to start. Read on for a synopsis on the investment outlook for precious metals. Read the rest of this entry »

It has been a rough year on the precious metals market, at least for gold, silver and platinum. So far, gold has dropped more than 20 percent this year, while silver has dropped more than 30 percent since January. Platinum, meanwhile, is down more than 10 percent from January and even further from its high in February. Palladium, on the other hand, has seen an increase in value though it has been a volatile year. Palladium has gone up about five percent this year.

According to Forbes, palladium is up on expectations of a supply and demand deficit. Growing demand in the automotive sector in the United States and China has seen increased demand for palladium, which is commonly used in catalytic converters. As a result, analysts expect further growth this year. That’s’ great news for the precious metals market, which has been looking for some positives in 2013. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no reason for optimism with the other precious metals.

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Platinum is becoming an extremely important and popular metal for investment. Much of the metal comes from two regions – South Africa and Russia. Because they produce most of the platinum in the world, it was little wonder that they decided to join forces in 2013 in an effort to make the platinum market even larger than it already is. This could be very good news to those buying platinum. It was already a popular metal and a good investment, but this news of the union and the growing need and demand for the metal may just push the prices even higher. This news is making many other investors reconsider metals as a viable investment option.

Those who want to start buying platinum should learn more about the metal before making the leap though. The more knowledge one has with any type of investment the better off they are. Let’s take some time to understand the metal, as well as what you need to do if you want to take the leap and start buying platinum.

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Why someone chooses to invest is personal and highly individualized and investing in the precious metals market always seems to pay off. Gold has been a sign of wealth and status for centuries and this still holds true. Many people invest in gold simply because it seems like a good idea, but it is important to understand why it is a good idea before you take the plunge. One common reason for investment in this precious metal is that it is timeless and that it has a continued momentum even during rough economic times.

When you are considering investing in the precious metals market, it is important to know about the possible benefits. If these benefits then match your investment goals, then you should go ahead with planning your investment strategy.  Read the rest of this entry »

Gold or silver can make a great investment. As far as understanding the advantages of each, understand that, with either gold or silver, many of the same benefits apply. There are some differences, however, that have to be taken into account when deciding between gold or silver as an investment, though there are ways that investors can make sure they get the advantages of both.

Choosing Both
It’s not necessarily advantageous to choose gold or silver rather than just choosing both. An investment in gold or silver both mean investing in a commodity that has been traded for centuries and that has never been valued at zero. These are both compelling reasons to pick either of them up.
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Investing in rare coins has become quite the popular topic of interest these days.  There have been plenty of success stories and these days people are really seeking out safe investment options that still offer potential for long-term gains.  Gone are the days of gambling with stocks and other intangible investment vehicles.  When you consider how poor the dollar is performing and how high the cost of living is getting, it becomes abundantly clear why purchasing rare coins is a sound financial strategy.

Rare coins are an ideal investment because they have a long history that you can clearly follow.  Of course, not all coins are going to be good investments, but with a little research, you can figure out which to avoid and which to add to your portfolio.  Although it is impossible to predict what the future holds 100%, you can definitely drastically increase your chances of monetary growth by only purchasing coins that have remained desirable over the years.  There are market fluctuations, like any other investment, but you have the advantage of being able to clearly see which coins have withstood the test of time, and which have faltered.
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There are many ways people have referred to gold over the years. The term struck gold exists for a reason. This is because gold has, since the start of commerce, been considered one of it not the most valuable precious metal as well as part of commerce in history. This is true of so many different aspects of gold and its uses. Pretty much anything made of gold is considered to a higher standard than other objects and another term –worth its weight in gold- is used for a reason as well. While the market can change, there are not many ways in which one can guarantee their worth will hold strong and gold is one of the ways in which it can. Read the rest of this entry »


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