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MY NAME IS MAX GIORGETTI, I AM AN INDEPENDENT Designer based in Italy. I have designed in many fields, in some with special luck or ability, I reached some great successes, like in the EYEWEAR (Rayban - Versace - Armani and others), COSMETIC PACKAGING (Glaspray Engineering) and WATCHES. I TRY TO WORK WITH PASSION, driven by my desire to realize fisically my ideas. DURING MY CAREER, I HAVE ACHIEVED SOME IMPORTANT MILESTONES, IN TERMS OF REAL SALES AND REWARDS, LIKE THE DESIGN Award OF THE CHICAGO ATHENAEUM FOR THE ALFEX SNAKEY (2005), AN INNOVATIVE WATCH. In the glasses I also designed many other know brand collections. Always as independent designer, I made successful projects in the Furniture and Coffee Machines. In the Cleaning I have designed a vacuum cleaner for Electrolux (Ventana) Europe best seller in 1997.

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